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Why choose the bike?

Can you imagine, the hair in the wind, spinning gently on the road, without effort after a refreshing stop at the edge of the river, feeling the scents of the trees in flower and its explosion of colors that nature offers on our island

This is the postal card snapshot but so real With Enjoy run.

Take the bike to discover Reunion Island is to take the time to discover each hidden treasure of the island, it is feel every place and it is taking his time simply.

You will then be immersed in the nature of the island, closer to its inhabitants and live a unique experience.

User-friendly practice, family and intergenerational, rich in exchanges, creative of memories and adventures shared but it is mainly a means of locomotion that contributes to preserve our environment.

Volcanic Island, the hills of our island are often back more of a person.

This will no longer be an obstacle with our fleet of electric bikes, which will allow you to pedal with ease and almost without effort. For the sportsmen of the VTC are also available

Choose a romantic getaway, or a weekend in family or between friends. Or even a sports output for your collaborators. We are preparing a unique experience on measure.

The mountains of Reunion Island are classified in the world heritage of UNESCO. 

Our circuits also include hiking routes to not miss anything. Mix the pleasures on our multisport circuits.

Enjoy run, creator of adventures on Reunion Island

  Specialist of sporting tour, we offer you touristic circuits to cycling and hiking to enable you to discover the island otherwise.

Leave the beaten paths with our circuits that will allow you to discover Reunion Island, at your own pace. 

Grace to routes especially studied, explore the great diversity of its landscapes and its heritage



Freedom Trip?

Each tour in freedom by bike or Multisport that we design is an experience.

They are facts for active travelers, independent and curious who wish to live a unique experience at their own pace. Our travel in freedom offer the same quality, experience, service and comfort that a guided tour classic. The only difference is that in a tour in freedom ... you are the guide!!!!

Our circuits are flexible, secure and independent, and we take care of everything! Of the rich itinerary and full, at the hardware but also the transfer of your luggage each day, the reservation of your desired activities and assistance 24H/24H.

 You only have to pedaling and enjoy of the landscapes.

We have prepared meticulously routes that combine the discovery of the meeting and of its inhabitants, passing by the splendid scenic view and cultural experiences.

You are the guide!!!! Thanks to our GPS and road book detailed, our stays are suitable for independent travelers and curious who are looking for a unique experience with the flexibility of the tour in freedom.

You have the freedom to explore at your pace and your way the island, while benefiting from a 24/7 support wherever you are and whenever you want throughout your stay.

Our services

We organize, circuits and stays, tourist or sportsmen on the whole island. Our team is based on the entire meeting, proximity and reactivity are our strength! We know your needs and also the regions that you are going to explore. Our know-how is at your disposal and accompanies you before, during and after your trip.

Take advantage of our circuits in catalog or submit us your wishes for a customization so that you can fully enjoy your trip.

We select with particular attention the accommodation on your route with the emphasis on their charm and the quality of the home.

We ensure the transport of your baggage on your route. You will find each evening your business and to allow you to roll light!

And of course we offer you thanks to our partners, a whole catalog of cultural and sporting activities that you can practice on your route.

And of course we offer you thanks to our partners, a whole catalog of cultural and sporting activities that you can practice on your route.




Eco - Tourism

Ecotourism, is characterized by the concept of responsible travel in natural spaces that promote the conservation of the environment.

We have at heart to promote the island while trying to preserve the ecosystem. With a growing demographics, issues related to the movement, and the impact of human activity on the environment are more than ever in the first plan.

Sustainable tourism begins by the soft mobility. Cycling is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ways to discover the island, and this allows to respect the environment and to foster a tourism slow.

Commit- you in favor of the preservation of the environment. By opting for the eco-tourism for your holiday, you contribute to the change.

We support and select in priority Partners who enroll in an ecological approach or limiting their impacts on the environment.

A part of our profits is paid annually to a local association of protection of the environment.

With Enjoy run, take the road of the ecotourism

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