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All our stays are insured with Hixcox under the RCP at No. HRCP100983 according to the general terms and conditions of sale set out below

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Director of the publication is Mr. Ludovic FERRERE

General conditions of sale.

1/ Definition

A stay or circuit Enjoy Run is a bundled offer grouping several benefits for the end customer.

- " The price includes " describes the set of benefits provided to the final customer.

- "The price does not include" describes the major elements which are not included in the offer. The list is not exhaustive. Everything that is not mentioned in "The price includes" is considered as not included in the offer.

The detail of the delivery and of what is understood is decided between the two parties and is detailed explicitly on the contract of sale for travel drafted.

The present general conditions of sale govern the offers of tourist package proposed by Enjoy Run . The customer acknowledges having read and have accepted before to confirm his reservation. The proposed travel to the groups préconstitués and custom stays can be the subject of specific conditions: In this case, they will be communicated to the client with the quote.

Any reservation of stay must be carried out by means of the registration form signed by each participant or through the booking form completed and validated by the participant on the website "www.enjoyrun.fr" and be accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the price of the stay. (100% to less than a month of departure).

The customer may make a provisional reservation by telephone, and provide a credit card number by phone, but all reservations must be made by our online system or by a complete form transmitted by fax or by mail. By this method we ensure that the client understands and accepts the present conditions of sale

For any request for reservation, the receipt of an e-mail to enjoy Run confirms the taking into account of the reservation and the deposit. The payment of the installment is not worth confirmation of the booking. The registration will not be confirmed that from the date of dispatch by Enjoy run of a written confirmation of registration. The folder will then be considered as definitively reserved and confirmed.

In accordance with s. L.121-21-08 of the Code of consumption, as soon as the validation of the registration on the Internet site, the participant can no longer benefit from a period of retraction.      

The participant must pay the balance of the price of the trip at the latest 30 days before departure. It will receive a mail application of regulation of balance at 30 days of departure (with a link allowing him to make this regulation in line).

If the currency of the customer is not the euro, then it can pay by bank transfer. We will then give the transfer instructions and the amount due in euros. If the customer finds a favorable exchange rate а any time prior to the due date of the payment, it will pay the final amount earlier. The costs of transfers, transfers, banking fees of all kinds are а the load of the customer.

Taking into account the specificities of proposed travel by Enjoy run, a minimum number of participants is imposed. This number is then specified in the technical sheet for the trip. The booking is concluded under the condition precedent that the minimum number of participants is reached.

Any request for individual stay is subject а additional costs and must be requested at the time of the reservation. The size of the groups is limited а A maximum

Stays of short durations in préconstitué group are the subject of specific conditions of sale which complement and/or modify the present general conditions of sale. These specific conditions of sale will be attached to the proposals relating to these types of benefits.

If the circuit is requested that is not available, you will not be billed, but we can offer you another trip with Enjoy run, you can choose to accept or refuse.

Registration must be made to the names and surnames of the participant listed on his passport or on the document of identity used for the trip. If the names and surnames are changed after the registration, the change fee or surrender of the plane ticket, a minimum amount of ¬ 100, will be billed by Enjoy RUN

It is the responsibility of the participant to check the conformity of the spelling of names and surnames appearing on the travel documents (tickets, visa, etc…) with those listed on the identity papers. In the case of non-compliance, the participant will not be entitled to any refund in the event of denied boarding.


A minor must be registered on the same folder that a responsible adult. The inscriptions of minors must be signed by the person or those of the Parents exercising parental authority and/or the guardian with the mention "agreement of the Father, the mother…". For the trip, the minor must be in possession of all the documents enabling its output of the territory. If the minor travel with his identity card to or through a country not requiring the passport, the customs authorities may require a document proving that the accompanying is the parent (family booklet or act of birth).

The minor remains under the responsibility of the holder of parental authority during the entire trip, regardless of the activities and this in spite of the presence of a guide or attendant. The responsibility of Enjoy run cannot be engaged in case of default of surveillance. If the minor travel without his parents, the coordinates of a contact in France will have to be communicated to enjoy run before departure.

Physical fitness:

The participant must ensure that his physical condition is adapted to the proposed trip. Enjoy run cannot be held responsible in the event of insufficient revealed physical including during the trip

Our circuits are generally physically active and the requirements vary according to the specific route. For example, our hikes require a moderate activity or even some of our circuits of bike can be difficult. As such, a good physical and mental health is essential for the pleasure and the security of our stays. By signing these conditions, the participant certifies that it has no medical contraindication or other, which could create a danger to you or other participants or affect the enjoyment of other persons of the tower.

Administrative and health formalities:

The information relating to the administrative and health formalities are communicated by Enjoy run. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure before the departure it is in rule with the formalities of police, customs and health (passport, visa, certificate of vaccination, and to respect these formalities during the trip. These information are outlined in the technical sheet prior to the command. They may evolve as a function of changes in the administrative situation of the country. They concern the French nationals. It is recommended to foreign nationals to check with the consulate or embassy of the countries visited if these information applies well to their personal situation.

All costs relating to these approaches are at the expense of the participant. No refund of the price of the trip will not be performed if the participant is located in the inability to take the departure because of non-compliance with these formalities.

2/ The price and the terms of regulation:

Price of the journey:

The benefits included in the prices are indicated in the technical sheet for the trip. The total price charged may be different from the one contained in the catalog or in the application for registration, in particular taking into account the additional benefits sought by the participant and the tariff adjustments of air transport or the standard of accommodation. The total price of the trip, including the potential supplements, is communicated to the participant for agreement, then mentioned on the invoice.

Our circuits do not include all the other travel costs such as plane tickets, travel and/or medical insurance, the costs of excess baggage, or all of the elements personal. The Meals outside of those mentioned in the itinerary are not included, as well as all optional visits unpaid or tourist events. The drinks are generally excluded.

Hotels, meals, and transportation


 Our stays include the hotels а from point of departure until а the completion of the circuit. The prices are based on the rooms with double occupancy which include a bathtub or a shower. The rooms only (single) are limited and require additional fees. The single people who do not ask for single rooms will be reserved in a double room with another traveller of the same sex when this is possible. If a sharing arrangement is not available, the supplement will be evaluated before the departure, when we will have confirmation that there will be no additional travellers. If other accommodations of the same category are reserved by reason of the lack of availability, there will be no change to the price of the trip. If the availability obliges the hotel reservation of category lower/higher; the participant will be informed а advance and we will give him the opportunity to accept or to refuse the change as well as any change in the price of the trip. We are not responsible for the quality or the location of housing replacement.

Meal Plan:

The meals are included and their number varies in function of the stay. Check the description of the trip for the information concerning the meal.


Transportation includes a variety of situations. Of the longer trips and stays guided may include transfers. The description of each tour explains the types of transportation which are included in the travel and the availability of transfers. If the participant wishes to organize a separate transportation, we can complement its needs. The additional transfers may result in additional charges. In addition, the baggage will be transported daily (except in the Circus of Mafate)


The visits and the additional activities are  only included when they are paid а advance or mentioned as included in the stays. Gratuities, taxs and service charges are included for the articles which are specifically included in the stay such as hotels, restaurants and guides


If the customer wishes to make a change on its route to stay, it must submit a request in writing, by email. Once a reservation request is received and confirmed, any change of dates or routes will be the costs of change. The fees vary according to the type and scope of the change. Our suppliers, including hotels, often impose costs or additional sanctions for the changes and cancellations. These are included in the costs of change and may be considerable. The costs of minimum change of EUR 20 per person apply а any change in the 30 days of travel


Once the deposit is received, a confirmation of booking and the final payment is due 30 days prior to the departure of the stay. If you want to cancel the service, you must submit your request in writing by email or postal mail. Any cancellation less than 30 days before the date of the trip involve 100% non-refundable, except if the person is replaced by another ready а travel а its place. No refund will be made once the trip has begun. No exception а This cancellation policy, including for reasons related to weather conditions, terrorism, the civil war, personal, family or medical emergency, or other circumstances beyond our control. For this reason, we strongly encourage the participants а subscribe to an Insurance Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance.

Cancellations or changes of pre-departure by Enjoy Run:

We reserve the right to cancel any visit before departure for any reason. Even if this is very rare, in case of a cancellation, a check for a full refund will be issued for you, what constitutes a comprehensive settlement. If the tour is canceled within 30 days of departure, an additional reduction will be carried out for another stay with Enjoy run, in addition to the full refund. In the case or, before departure, we bring significant changes due to a problem with a supplier, for example a hotel in bankruptcy, we will inform you as soon as possible of the available alternatives. These changes may require an additional payment on your part or perhaps a refund. No reimbursement under this paragraph will not be provided due to cancellations or changes by reason of force majeure.

In addition Enjoy Run reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. They will be then valid immediately. In accordance with the law, enjoy run can be found in the obligation to modify its tariffs in the following cases:

•Amendment of the rates of tax type VAT.

•Modification of the rates of exchange for the countries outside the EMU (European Union and monetary)

•Modification of the costs of transport, notably air, linked to variations of the fuel and taxs of embarkation and disembarkation…

The customer immediately notified are then required to fulfill this supplement. The refusal will be considered as a cancellation Client (refer to paragraph "cancellation client" to know the terms of cancellation and amount of refund)

There are no refunds due to changes or cancellations:

We will not refund the participants for personal expenses such as plane tickets, other travel expenses or the hotel due to changes in itineraries or cancellation of circuit.

All travel interrupted by decision of the participant (for reasons of health, level, or other) are not entitled to a refund by Enjoy run of benefits not used. The additional costs incurred of this fact by the participant will not be reimbursed.


We are acting only as an agent or intermediary for the different independent suppliers who provide accommodation, meals, transport, tourism, the activities or other goods and services related а your visit. Accordingly, we assume no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any act neglecting or deliberate or inability to act of a supplier, or any other person or entity. The services of a supplier are subject а its own conditions of the supplier and the laws and regulations of the country concerned local. We will not provide any refund in case of delay, CANCELLATION, OVERBOOKING, STRIKE OR OF FORCE MAJEURE a supplier, or for the elements of the stay that the client is using.

Travel insurance

The price of the stay does not include the travel insurance. We strongly recommend а all participants to subscribe а comprehensive travel insurance, covering the trip interruption, baggage and accidents/life and other expenditures which could occur а following the loss, damage, injury, delays or disadvantages occurring to the participants. An offer of insurance by our partner will be included with your initial confirmation and final documentation after receipt of your deposit. We assume that if the participant decides not to use our partner that you have purchased from another insurance company of its choice.

2/ The bike

The bike rentals are included for all circuits. The participant can use his bike with a reduction on the price of the stay.

Our bicycles are of the VTC (Bike All path), Mountain Bike) to electric assistance of very high quality blunted to 25km/h. The trademark may change from year to year, so that the participant is responsible to ask what type of bike and equipment is provided in your bike rental to avoid any surprise when he arrives on the Stay а the reception of the bike. All the bikes that we rent are used exclusively for our customers. Customers who choose to bring their own bikes are responsible for all mechanical problems and all the logistical issues. (Please consult our recommendations for traveling with your own bike in your travel documents.)

At the time of the stay, the participant is fully responsible for the state of the bicycle rented to the support at the end of the course. It accepts to support any repair following the damage that there could cause. It will be, therefore, to the customer to provide proof that the State in which the bicycle is made is the same as that of departure or that the damage caused are not of its done. Similarly, it agrees to take to its load all expenses related to the loss or theft of the equipment rented.

We disclaim all responsibility in the event of a disaster on the bikes, in the case of falling or stealing


In some cases, enjoy Run fact call to a partner for the rental of bicycles. The state of the premises is then carried out by the partner. Enjoy run cannot be held responsible in the event of faulty equipment that would not have been reported by the customer to the partner.


The participant undertakes to:

- To know how to make the bike and not having contraindication to the practice of this activity

- Observe at any moment the security rules relating to this activities laid down by the Code of the road and in particular the headset port, which is mandatory.

- Use the security elements advised (chasuble, lights etc..)

Each participant is aware that, given the character of our stays, it can run certain risks inherent in the practice of the bike and he assumes in full knowledge of the cause and undertakes to do not bring to enjoy Run or to different claimants, the responsibility for accidents that may occur. This is also valid for the right holders and any member of the family. Enjoy run cannot be held responsible for an accident due to the carelessness of the individual participant as of the users of the road.

Responsibilities During the circuit

Date of the beginning of the stay: It is the responsibility of the participant to be а the departure city а the specified time. We are not responsible for any losses due to flights canceled or missed, the flight itineraries modified, late arrivals or early departures.

Compliance with local regulations and ethics during the stay: Your Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited а, strictly comply with all local laws, in respecting the customs and culture, the evaluation of your capabilities, while respecting the privacy of other members to travel, and on a stay guided а follow the suggestions and advice of the guide. On the guided tours, the decision of the local guide or local supplier is final on all matters that may threaten the safety or interfere with the well-being of the group or of the individual travellers.

Each participant must comply with the advice given in the technical sheets and/or by the guide-attendant, or in the road book. Each participant must be aware that it can run the risk of any order due to local conditions (poor state of the roads etc… it assumes in full knowledge of the cause and undertakes not to make bear the responsibility to enjoy Run . Similarly, enjoy run cannot be responsible for the negligence of an individual or of several participant(s).

During the stay, we have the right to expel a/people that we consider to be unable to respond to the rigors and requirements of the participation in the tourist activities;

 B) or infringe а the enjoyment of the stay of the other participants.

Emergency Service

Each stay in freedom includes what we call an emergency service. It is a local contact available by phone with staff French and English. The following are examples of reasons for emergency call: equipment failure (other than a puncture); Minor injury / illness which prevents to continue to make the bike or walking, (serious injuries must first be reported to stakeholders to emergency medical for which phone numbers are provided), aircraft misfires, or the need to plan additional services such as transfers. This service is only available during 24/24. The staff of accommodation is available for other issues not related to emergencies outside of your activities cyclists / pedestrian.

The complaints and claims

If you encounter a problem or if something does not respond а your expectations, please report without delay to the emergency service (for stays in freedom) or а your attendant (for stays guided) so that they can try to rectify the situation. If you do not do this while you are on the stay, your ability а claim compensation а Enjoy run will be reduced or impossible. In addition, if you make changes on the route without providing the notice described above, you assume the responsibility of all the added fees you may suffer as well as the loss of all potential refunds.

If you are not satisfied by this procedure of notice during the trip, you must submit a claim in writing а Enjoy run in the 30 days after the end of your stay. Enjoy run will not accept any liability for claims received after this period.

3/ Specific Conditions


Enjoy Run organizes outings and tours in group to the day, half-day or on several consecutive days.

Contract of Sale

Enjoy Run prepares a contract incorporating the details of the services included in the circuit. This contract signed by the two parties: the customer (and participant if different) and enjoy Run commits the two parties to the application of the present general conditions of sale.


The full settlement of the circuit is due to the registration. The full payment of the course will have to be carried out by credit card, bank transfer or bank check in euros the wording with the order of "Enjoy Run SAS "

In the event of delay of payment, the penalty rates corresponds to the rate " refi "plus 10 points. (Or 11% to 13 May 2009). The penalties are payable without that no reminder is not necessary. They run as of right on the day following the date of regulation scope on the invoice. 0 discount for any advance payment

Cancellation organiser

Enjoy Run reserves the right to cancel the internship in the following cases:

•The minimum number of participants fixed on the offer of circuit for the validity of the organization of the circuit, is not reached.

•The payment has not been settled by the customer or customers following the schedule established by Enjoy run.

•Default of the monitor receptive can no longer ensure the organization of circuits or of the activities included in the latter, sold.

•Specific conditions that can affect the safety of the group (meteorology, pandemic, policy…); cases of force majeure.

The cancellation for one of these reasons involves a total reimbursement of the sums paid by the registered customers.

Customer Cancellation

The customer can cancel at any time its registration after signature of the contract of sale. In case of cancellation by the client or clients, to more than 31 days of the circuit, 5% of the total price of the internship (options included) will be retained with a minimum of 10.00€ per person.

•In the case of cancellation by the customer or customers mentioned in less than 30 days of the first day of the program, 20% of the price of the circuit will be retained individually, with a minimum of €20.00 per person.

•In the case of cancellation by the customer or customers mentioned in less than 10 days of the first day of the program, 45% of the price of the circuit will be retained individually with a minimum of 30,00€ per person.

•In the case of cancellation by the customer or customers mentioned in less than 48H of the first day of the program, 75% of the price of the circuit will be retained individually.

•In the case of non presentation of the client or clients to the Circuit, 100% of the price will be retained individually.

Amendment organiser

The program may be subject to changes in cases of force majeure, specific conditions of the time that can affect the safety of the group (meteorology, pandemic, policy…) that can go up to the cancellation.

Enjoy run, in application of the Code of tourism, as amended in December 2009, undertakes to propose equivalent benefits of replacement when the company is located in the impossibility of achieving the programd benefits representing a significant percentage of the overall price. In the case where the company could not propose equivalent benefits, it undertakes to reimburse the corresponding amounts.

Applicable law:

The contract documents and the present Terms and Conditions are governed by the French law.

In the hypothesis where one or more of the clauses of these would be considered null and void in terms of a rule of law in force or of a judicial decision which has become irrevocable, the other stipulations will retain all their force and scope.

In the event of difficulty of interpretation between one of the titles and one of the clauses, the content of the clause will prevail on the title.

In the case of disputes and after an attempt to search for solutions has informally, the client and enjoy run make allocation of powers to the courts


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