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As the raptor endemic to the island, explore all the facets of the island, passing by the coastline of the wild south, and circuses and mountain in hiking and to finish the west coast and its seaside pleasures. Enjoy this that everything that the Reunion Island can offer you

Duration: 13 dayq / 11 nights      Difficulty:

Departure: All Day           Way: 100% Tarmac

Activities: Biking               Price : From 1500€



Minimum of 2 persons per departure/circuit



Detail of the route


Day 1: Saint Suzanne - Bras Panon 38km (+530m)

Start by along the coastline leading toward Saint André with a small pause photo to the waterfall Niagara or the Church of Champ Borne. Before rising toward Bras-Panon for a night in full nature, take the time to discover the Hindu temple of the Colossus, or the house of the vanilla to Saint André. 

Day 2: Bras Panon - Grand Ilet 32km (+1400m)

Take the road of the Circus of Salazie and its vertiginous ramparts. On the road you can admire the waterfalls along the road, and enjoy a well-deserved break in your ascent in the charmer village of Salazie. The ascent will lead you to the village of Grand Ilet, nestled in the heart of the circus.

Day 3: Grand Ilet - La Nouvelle 15km de Randonnée (+1200m)

You leave your bike, for a day hike to the Cirque of Mafate. Before arriving at the village of the new, place preserved cars, you will cross the plain of tamarinds and its trees centenaries. A night away from the world you expect

Day 4: La Nouvelle -  Cilaos 16km de randonnée (+1350m)

Your second day of hiking will lead you from La Nouvelle to Cilaos, passing of the Circus of Mafate to that of Cilaos. The col of the Taibit is at the program or you can see the legendary three Salazes.

Day 5: Cilaos - La Plaine des Cafres 25km de randonnée (+1500m)

Exit Cilaos on the Trail of the Piton des Neiges, (Additional night possible to admire the sunrise on the highest summit of the Island), and back down to the Plain of Cafres, real postcard of mountain of the island.

Day 6: La Plaine des Cafres - La Plaine des cafres 62km (+1000m)

Enjoy a day of rest, or made a turn toward the Piton de la Fournaise and its famous Plain of Sands. A small tour of bike on the moon it you tent?

Day 7: La Plaine des Cafres - Sainte Rose 57 km (+700m)

Direction the bottom and Sainte Rose. On your road the drill bit of Bebour and its tree fern, Passage near the bridge suspended for a few photos and the Anse des Cascades, for a pause is well deserved.

Day 8: Sainte Rose - Saint Philippe 39km (+800m)

In leaving Saint Rose, after having spent his the church spared by the lavas, you will enter in the paddock for Find your guide for a getaway in the Tunnels of lava. Resume your bike in crossing the fields of lava and arrive at Saint-Philippe to the rhythm of the spray.

Day 9: Saint Philippe - Saint Joseph 38km (+850m)

Before starting spend in the garden of spices of Saint Philippe, you take the direction of Saint Joseph with a mandatory detour to admire the waterfalls Langevin River. Enjoy a break picnic at the edge of the river in descending, or go toward Manapany for a bath in its basin in edge of sea, admiring the sunset.

Day 10: Manapany - Saint Pierre 38km (+600m)

A short stage which will lead you to Saint Joseph in Saint Pierre, for leave you the time to enjoy the beach of Grand Anse, preserved jewel of the South on your road,or the pleasures of the city in arriving at your hotel. 

Day 11: Saint Pierre - Saint Leu 43km (+350m)

Leave early of Saint Pierre, or you skirt the dimension in passing by Etang Sale and its beach of black sand, to achieve or you await your monitor for a baptism in paragliding to admire the coast west of the sky.

Day 12: Saint Leu - Saint Gilles 30km (+1000m)

Before leaving, go by the Farm Kelonia, refuge for marine turtles and then you walk along the west coast, punctuated by your photos Pause or bathing in the lagoons. A time well-deserved post your journey around the Reunion Island

Day 13: Saint Gilles - Saint Gilles 

Enjoy your bike for a stroll in the seaside town, or made a small tour of the side of Saint Paul for its market or its pond. You have the possibility to extend your number of nights on the West


  • Waterfall Niagara

  • Cirque de Salazie

  • Cirque de Mafate

  • Cilaos

  • Piton des Neiges

  • Le Volcan

  • Road of lava

  • Waterfall de Langevin

  • Grand Anse beach

  • Le souffleur

  • Lagoon et beach of the West coast​

Activities included

  • Visit of  Parc National House

  • Visit Vanilla plantation

  • Visit of the Garden of spice

  • Paragliding

  • Boat trip on Sunset


All our circuits include the loan of an electric bike per person as well as all the necessary equipment to your circuit:

  • A bag containing a puncture kit and multi-tools

  • A lock

  • A headset and the gourde

  • An emergency telephone

In order to guide you in security, we include

 a GPS last generation and a road book detailed paper


Our prices may vary depending on the season and the availability of accommodation.

For this circuit the period of reservation is 60 days before the scheduled date of departure.

Find our general conditions of sale here. 

  • 11 nights in double rooms in the accommodation

  • Breakfast all day (except Day 1)

  • The evening meal for the days 1 to 9 

  • Loan of electric bikes (or CTI) included + specified equipment

  • GPS and RoadBook detailed (1 to 2 people)

  • Transfers of baggage (except day 3,4,5)

  • Booking of activities 

  • 24/24 Assistance

Not included
  • The drinks

  • The midday meal from days 1 to 13

  • The transportation before and after the stay (possibility of option)

  • Personal purchases during the circuit

Possible options
  • Option night before the departure +75€/pers

  • Single traveller + 200€

  • Transfer Airport +50€/pers

  • Option Piton des Neiges + 1 days +75€/pers

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